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Mini Sunvoice
Mini Sunvoice




Critical Seconds count when you need to get the Scene of an Emergency and Grand Mini Sunvoice responds. We respond with a complete line of Enclosed Light Bars, High Powered 30 watts Siren and Public Address System. Hi performances Sirens and Speakers that punch out the sound the clear the way and controls of Lights compliment a Total Light Sound system. 


GRAND Emergency Light Bars respond with an Aerodynamic design that goes far beyond good looks, low energy consumption and minimum wind drag. Rather with an engineering design that maximises Light Dispersion and Audio Warning. To help you get there Quickly and Safely.

The GRAND Emergency Light Bar are the Light Bars with NO BLINDS SPOT AND TRUE  360° UNOBSTRUCTED WARNING POWER. It provides critical warning power through heavy traffic and intersection.

Two standard rotating lamps sharply define the perimeters of the Emergency vehicle, giving the DRIVER AN ADDED MARGIN OF SAFETY. Each rotary halogen is independently powered by a rugged motor and friction pulley drive avoiding complications inherent with belt drive design. The halogen lamp is fixed and the reflector rotates around it.



Length                        :           680 mm
Width                          :           300 mm
Height                         :           130 mm
Input Voltage             :           13.2 V DC-ve ground
Current Drain            :           6.8 Amp. Only


Base                           :           Sheet Metal MS 2mm. And SS Scurting.
Domes                        :           Acrylic, One Red and One Blue.
Speaker Grill             :           Sheet Metal MS
Speaker                      :          One 50 Watts Unit Horn. Concealed under the speaker Grill
                                                 Fully Waterproof