Emergency Light Bars

Mars Voice Series II LED Blue (Round)
Mars Voice Series II LED Blue (Round)



Emergency Light Bar System


The GRAND Emergency Light Bar System Mars Voice  80 consist of a PA System and Sirens, which are Most Effective and BEST IN INDIA and SECOND TO NONE IN THE WORLD. These are designed as per International Standard for effective performance and capabilities to get the Traffic clear with their crystal clear sound and tones. The system is an Advanced Digital Siren System similar to the one being used by American Police and European Police, designed to provide instant easy to reach controls for the drivers of the vehicles. It accommodates all the functions that could be required in an Emergency.


GRAND Emergency Light Bars respond with an Aerodynamic Design that foes far beyond good looks, low energy consumption and minimum wind drag. Rather with an engineering design that maximizes Light Dispersion and Audio Warning. To help you get there quickly and Safely.

The GRAND Emergency Light Bars are light bars with NO BLINDS SPOTS AND TRUE 360" UNBSTRUCTED WARNING POWER. It provides critical warning power through heavy traffic and interaction.

Four standard rotating lamps sharply define the perimeters of the Emergency vehicle, giving the DRIVER AN ADDED MARGING OF SAFETY. Each rotary halogen in independently powered by a rugged motor and friction. Pulley drive avoiding complications inherent with belt drive design. The halogen lamp is fixed and the reflector rotates around it. THE Extensive use of highly polished mirrors in combination with halogen rotator serves to multiply flashes i.e.1280 flashes per minute for maximum protection and clearance .


Fourteen standard FLASHING LED LAMPS sharply define the perimeters of the Emergency vehicle, giving the DRIVER AN ADDED MARGIN OF SAFETY. Each FLASHING LED LAMP is independently powered by 31 LED MODULE with QUAD/DOUBLE FLASHING PATTERNS.

6 Flashing LED lamps are  provided for Front.
6 for sides.
2 for the Back.



Length                                     :           1200mm.
Width                                       :           310mm
Height                                      :           135mm
Input Voltage                           :           13.2 V DC  ve ground
Current Drain                          :           2.2 Amps only/8 Amps only
Weight                                     :           10kg (without Speaker)


Base                                        :           Aluminum
Domes                                    :           Polycarbonate one Red one Blue or BOTH Blue
Speaker Grill                           :           Stainless Steel
Speaker                                  :           2 pc 50 Watts Unit Horn Speaker Concealed under
                                                            the Speaker grill Fully waterproof.
Mounting                                 :           Special clamps for Body hugging
                                                            Fitment on the Vehicle Roof